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COVID-19 Testing

Our Lab’s Oral rinse collection kit is authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and allows you to collect your sample to be tested at our laboratory. This RT-PCR test is used to screen for COVID-19, an illness caused by coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

  • Drive-Thru Collection: You can visit any of drive-thru location for observed self-collection of an oral rinse sample. You will perform the oral rinse on-site while in your vehicle, observed by a trained healthcare professional to ensure the sample is collected correctly, and drop the sealed sample into a container on your way out of the drive-thru location.
    NOTE: We do “NOT” require an appointment for our drive through sites.
  • At-Home Collection: You can collect our Oral rinse sample at home using the collection kit we will send to you. This collection kit will be sent to your home via UPS at no additional charge. Detailed instructions on how to collect your sample are included in the collection kit. Also included are a prepaid overnight shipping label and envelope that you can use to securely ship your sample to our lab for testing. The cost of this at home collection kit is $135.

Please do not eat or drink anything 30 minutes before the Oral rinse test. Patients should request a Nasal Swab test if:

  • They have had anything to eat or drink within 30 minutes of collection
  • They are traveling and the airline requests only nasal swab testing

IMPORTANT: Please seek immediate medical care if you have signs of a serious medical condition.

These include, but are not limited to, persistent fever (lasting longer than 48 hours) greater than 102°F or a persistent low-grade fever, severe shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, continuous pain or pressure in the chest, severe coughing spells or coughing up blood, irregular heartbeat, confusion, blue lips or face, dizziness, lightheadedness, feeling too weak to stand, feeling very tired or lethargic, slurred speech or seizures, persistent vomiting or diarrhea, or feeling not well enough to stay home.

Free Testing & Financial Responsibility

  2. Our lab is offering Free COVID testing only to the Uninsured patients that meet the medical criteria. Medical insurance will be billed for all patients that have an active insurance coverage. If your medical insurance applies these testing charges to your deductible, you may be billed for the testing services.
  3. INDIVIDUALS that require the COVID testing for Non-medical reasons that could include getting tested for travel or employment purpose will be required to pay for the testing services as these are not covered by your insurance.

Telehealth & Medical Provider Approval for performing the test

  1. Many states require a Doctor/Provider to order the test before SV Diagnostics can perform the testing.
  2. In state of Ohio, our lab has partnered with providers for telehealth consultations to help the individuals visiting our drive through locations for their COVID testing needs.
  3. The partnering providers will reach out to you for a Telehealth consultation and their medical provider would approve the test only after the medical evaluation. This telehealth service will be billed to your Medical Insurance.
  4. Choice of Provider : Individuals can choose to decline the Telehealth Services from SV Diagnostics & choose the provider of their choice to get the lab test ordered. SV Diagnostics will accept the lab orders from your doctor and they can be sent via fax on +16143331311.
  5. Test Order approval : Should SV Diagnostics not receive a Test order/approval from a doctor, the patient specimen will be put on hold & may not be tested. The Individual is required to go for a recollection if the order is not received within 48 hours from time of collection. Self-pay customers seeking the test for Travel or Employment reasons do not have to meet this requirement.